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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

सलोना सा सजन है और मैं हूँ

Meraz-e-Ghazal has a special place among Asha's non-film efforts and also in Ghulam Ali's. Though personally I would not rank it even close to DPH or Kashish, it still has a few fresh and enjoyable moments.

The one below provides some of those. It has a nice composition and is well-sung. Also, there's something special about this ghazal. What is it? Take a look and see at the end of this post if it matches with what I have in mind.

सलोना सा सजन है और मैं हूँ
जिया में इक अगन है और मैं हूँ

तुम्हारे रूप की छाया में साजन
बड़ी ठण्डी जलन है और मैं हूँ

चुराये चैन रातों को जगाये
पिया का ये चलन है और मैं हूँ

पिया के सामने घूँघट उठा दे
बड़ी चंचल पवन है और मैं हूँ

रचेगी जब मेरे हाथों में मेंहदी
उसी दिन की लगन है और मैं हूँ

In ISB format:

% ITRANS Song #
\stitle{salonaa saa sajan hai aur mai.n huu.N}%
\film{Meraj-e-Ghazal (Non-film)}%
\music{Ghulam Ali}%
\lyrics{Shabih Abbas}%
% Audio on:
% Contributor: Vinay P Jain
% Transliterator: Vinay P Jain
% Date: 11 Aug 2004
% Series: Andaaz-e-Bayaan Aur
% Comments:
% generated using giitaayan

salonaa saa sajan hai aur mai.n huu.N
jiyaa me.n ik agan hai aur mai.n huu.N

tumhaare ruup kii chhaayaa me.n saajan
ba.Dii ThaNDii jalan hai aur mai.n huu.N

churaaye chain raato.n ko jagaaye
piyaa kaa ye chalan hai aur mai.n huu.N

piyaa ke saamane ghuu.NghaT uThaa de
ba.Dii cha.nchal pawan hai aur mai.n huu.N

rachegii jab mere haatho.n me.n me.nhadii
usii din kii lagan hai aur mai.n huu.N


The special thing about this ghazal is that it does not contain any word, which according to normal classification of Hindi vocabulary, is called "videshii". Also, it contains words from all the other three categories - 'tatsam' (Sanskrit words in
their original form), 'tadbhav' (Sanskrit words in changed form), and 'deshaj'/'desii' (indigenous words or those of unknown origin).

In my opinion, the effort is deliberate in this case (not that it takes anything away or add anything to the quality). But this sure makes it a special one.


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